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Celebrities Online Reputation Management

As a celebrity, maintaining a good reputation is central to success and a lasting career. The Internet is a fantastic tool in the pursuit of reputation building and is a perfect medium for self-promotion. However, the Internet is an open source, allowing anyone to submit stories and information on any topic they desire, which includes celebrities. Whilst many people will submit blog posts and articles which reflect you in a positive light, there are also many people and websites who are devoted to publicizing less than flattering stories, whether they are true or not. This also includes tabloid newspaper sites.

Whilst you may not be able to stop such stories from appearing, you are able to protect your online reputation. Online reputation management is important for all celebrities and is a service offered by most Celebrity SEO companies. The aim of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is to limit negative press and promote positive site and generate maximum exposure.

ORM helps in ensuring that your official site is top of search engine results for keywords associated with you. This means that if someone searches for your name, then your official site will appear before a link to a negative story, which helps strengthen your reputation as people are more inclined to click on the first result given by the search engine.

In order to promote your online presence and increase visibility, celebrities can exploit the increasing popularity of social networking sites. It is imperative that you have accounts on at least the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and keep your fans updated with your latest news; it is also a good idea to include anecdotes about your home life as this builds up a rapport with fans. Not only will you have your own official pages, but fans will set up accounts dedicated to you and your craft which will further spread your reputation. However, there will inevitably be some groups and individuals who will use this medium to attempt to damage your reputation. Online reputation management aims to minimize this type of abuse, and not let it appear in search results for your name, ORM is essentially the promotion of positive, and suppression of negative online press.

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