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Customized SEO

Most of the website needs customized SEO services , so we look at your on-page optimization, link development strategy, and study your competition in order to create a customized SEO package based around your specific needs and budget. Needs of every websites varies it depends on various factors .

Our search engine optimization services can take you from start to finish. We’ll work with you to create a common sense strategy, help you understand your competitors, and show you which keywords are most important to target to achieve success.

Our Customized SEO services helps in

  • Keyword research and analysis: Perhaps the most boring and dreaded task in search marketing, keyword research can quickly overwhelm fledgling SEOs. We do the dirty work so your in-house team can focus on the big picture. This analysis goes beyond Wordtracker data, looking at important search and user behavior, in addition to your high converting and competitive keywords.
  • Competitive analysis: Are you neck and neck with the competition and need to know exactly what they’re doing and how? We’ll break down their on- and off-site tactics, potential service providers, budget estimates and more.
  • Strategy Building: We make a complete strategy  on which factors we need to work with bench marking .



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