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Email Marketing

Email marketing has, in recent times got a lot of bad press primarily due to the existence of third party vendors who sell mailing lists to companies and this gives rise to a high instance of spam.
Many clients use email marketing in their day to day lives without even realizing it. By sending follow up emails to potential new clients or friendly catch up emails to touch base with an old customer. All these are basic forms of email marketing. . As people are dealing with larger volumes of mails in their inboxes, it is important to stand out from the crowd and with a well planned and professional email marketing solution, this can be achieved. Email marketing campaigns have some great benefits so they should form part of every company’s marketing plan.
It is how we use the medium and expand upon its potential which matters. We can work with you to formulate a strategy for your email marketing, whether you are simply sending targeted emails from your personal email account or whether you wish to send graphically designed emails though an Email Service Provider. We specialize in Email Marketing within the North West using our Marketing expertise, based in Lancaster.
Effective copy writing is one of the most important parts of email marketing and it’s vital you get it right. The content of your emails needs to have clear objectives with strong content and calls to action. We have experienced email marketing consultants that can help!

Benefits of Email Marketing

Increase Sales: Return on investment for mail-shots tend to be high due to low costs and high conversion rates. Keep your mailing list up to date with special offers/promotions and new product launches.
Reduce Gap: Your email marketing campaigns serve to keep your existing clients and customers informed so by consistently doing that you will reassure them that your company is well run and professional in its operation.

How our email marketing consultants can help you:

Not only focusing on selling. Instead, send out interesting and relevant company updates such as a new add-on service or a new staff member.
• Tagging links used in emails so that they can be tracked in Google Analytics to understand a campaign’s  success/failure.
• Segment your list to ensure that you only send relevant emails to relevant people.
• Add an unsubscribe link at the end of every email to follow regulatory compliance.
• Continuous efforts and learning from past email campaigns to improve your approach for future efforts

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