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Intellectual Property SEO Marketing Services

Building a competitive brand requires exposure.  That means moving beyond a firm’s current client base, and increasing mind share within targeted industries, practice areas and regional markets.Naturally, there are SEO service providers all over the web offering all that you want from them. However, the job of finding a SEO service provider for an intellectual property business may not be  an easy task. This is mainly because IP or intellectual property is an obscure legal concept that is understood only by trained people. Many SEO service providers may offer high quality  intellectual property SEO service website without even knowing what your business is all about. However, there is no need to worry because at CSS, we have a team of specially trained professionals offering high quality SEO support for intellectual property businesses.

At CSS, we make all possible efforts to understand your business and target market so that we can take you where you want to be. We also study the website and relevant details of your most successful competitors in the market.

In our SEO packages the very first step for Intellectual Property SEO consist of tracking of your website and SEO audit. This process involves:

  • Complete understanding of your business dynamics from an owner’s point of view.
  • Research and identification of keywords
  • Analytics and implementation of SEO software .(we utilize an advanced set of tools that most other SEO companies don’t have)
  • Analysis and evaluation of your website’s structure, code, and content.
  • Analysis of your competitors.
  • Analysis and evaluation of your company’s online presence in terms of social media, linkscape, and more.

 Intellectual Property SEO success derives from the fact that we do not focus solely on Google rankings. Instead, we focus on the big picture of leads, sales and tangible results that draw in a profit for your firm. Our aim is to have a complete understanding of the ins and outs of your services, goals, competition, and what you seek to communicate to your clients. We provide a complete analysis of your competition and major keywords in order to determine the best ways to drive local traffic to your site. Additionally, we place a significant amount of effort on your Google business listing as well as other large business directories. Your Google business listing can be a great source for potential clientele due to its visibility in localized searches and the information it provides about your business. Our Intellectual Property digital marketing experts use all of this information to construct a marketing strategy that meets your needs.


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