SEO Outsourcing

Why SEO Outsourcing?


The history of outsourcing

People were always looking for a cheap labor force that will help them with their daily business. As some of the countries started developing, it was no longer possible to save money by paying low wages. Simply put, people wouldn’t be able to feed their families with that money. Due to this fact, outsourcing was invented.

As the name implies, outsourcing represents getting something that is not from your own source. In economy, it mostly refers to employing workforce from a foreign country.

Basically, as we become a unified, global society, people are exposed to the same knowledge. We are getting universal education which can be employed anywhere in the world. On top of that, internet allows us to do a lot of different work without being physically present in one place.

SEO is no different. It was also affected by these changes and today, it is much more common to outsource this service than to do it in your own country.

What is SEO and why it’s good for business

Search engine optimization is a highly technological profession that should improve your position with SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position).  It is solely performed on the Internet so it doesn’t matter where you live. If you are a website owner, you definitely need to reach the highest positions in Google so that people can find you on the Internet and be exposed to your website/products.

Outsourcing your Website SEO

Although SEO outsourcing is a common practice, there are certain things you have to know before employing a marketing agency.

First of all, SEO is a volatile profession where experience is not the crucial factor. Yes, it definitely plays a role but it is much more important for an expert to be proactive, to be prepared to learn new things and to research new methods. Google’s algorithms constantly change and you need to find a company that is willing to research and improve their techniques. Being static is not an option as certain SEO methods quickly become obsolete and replaced by new approaches.

When you employ your first outsourced SEO company, you can expect cultural differences. In most cases, you will probably deal with companies from India, Pakistan and Philippines as they are among the most common service providers. Have in mind that these countries are completely different from the western world (I am mostly referring to UK and USA) and they have different customs. Due to this, you might expect some communication issues at first.  There may be some other differences which make the working relationship harder – it’s up to you to see how well it could work.

The biggest issue with outsourcing is the fact that you are not controlling resources of the SEO company. What do we mean by that? When their contract expires, it will be really hard to continue where they stopped and to reconnect with their contacts. You will definitely get the links and traffic, your stats will not change but it will be very hard to continue the operation in the same way they led it.

Anyway, outsourcing can provide a great benefit for your company but it also requires good recruitment. It carries certain risks but it can also be a very profitable relationship.


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