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Brand Advocacy Marketing Campaigns

A brand advocacy marketing program is directed towards converting your loyal customers into brand ambassadors. Eventually, it incorporates the best practices to find those customers who have a truly emotional connection with your brand and who can play an evangelist recommending your brand to their friends and peers. Primarily, advocacy marketing tends to utilize the power of customers, partners, employees, and other brand stakeholders who happily support, endorse, or recommend your company, products, or services. Brand Advocacy simply means turning enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force. It’s Simple..
Brand Advocates are highly-satisfied customers who pro-actively recommend brands and products online and offline without being paid.

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Why Brand Advocates Are Important ?

Over the last five years, we have seen a rapid change in the way buyers purchase products and services. The biggest shift is that now 92% of consumers trust on authentic and genuine sources before buying. With an unseen impact on your brand, brand advocates are now influencing the opinions and driving the purchase decisions of many others. There are myriad of reasons why you should start relying on such brand advocates:

  • They help you increase content distribution
  • They help you humanize your brand and establish trust
  • They help you increase your brand and content reach to new audiences
  • They help you to demonstrate your company’s thought leadership

How To Get The Right Brand Advocates?

An effective Brand Advocacy campaign takes time to kick off. You can’t hire a random expert to promote your brand / service. There are factors that you are required to consider. Your choice of advocate depends not only on the degree of his influence in the niche, but also on how your targeted customers correlate to your choice. Therefore, you need an eye on the best customer insight and precise customer segmentation for identifying the right brand advocates.

A brand advocacy campaign explores strategies and put in place methods to find right kind of advocates for your brand. Brand advocates come in a variety of types and you need to choose one that suits your business needs.
  • Connectors: Participants found in social networks
  • Communities: Group of people interested in a common niche
  • Mavens: People who rate and review products
  • Experts: People with niche specific technical knowledge
  • Endorsers: Influencers who increases your brand value

Not all categories are worth looking for. You may want to set your business priorities and choose advocates according to their relative importance.

Brand Advocacy Marketing @ Complete SEO Solution

At Complete SEO Solution, we know that identifying advocates is merely not going to help your brand. This is just half the battle. This is why Complete SEO Solution brings true brand advocates through a solid digital strategy. It incorporates:

01. Identifying Brand Advocates

Our digital experts go overboard to tap into potential brand advocates via brief online surveys, social listening, and direct Advocate engagement. To identify right kind of audience who could be your brand advocate, we run several engagement programs:
  • Customer Advocacy Programs
  • Employee Advocacy Programs
  • Advocate Identification & Personas
  • Brand Ambassador Programs
  • Referral Programs
  • Influencer Marketing
Complete SEO Solution strives to build and unleash your Brand Advocate Army. They drive positive Word of Mouth and therefore, sales. They accelerate your Brand Management goals ahead.

02. Mobilizing Brand Advocates

We put all sincere efforts to mobilize brand advocates to recommend your brand / product / services via positive reviews, stories and referrals.

03. Tracking Insights and Results

Our advocacy marketing campaigns are backed by real time analytics. We provide you time bound custom reports and actionable Advocate insights.

If you’re serious about brand advocacy, come to us. We will help you create your own army of brand advocates. They will spread positive sentiments about your brands. They will engage. They will interact.


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