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Bulk Email Marketing Services

Our Email Marketing Services India are backed by world class infrastructure which enables high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns to the target audience. At Complete SEO Solution we believe that Bulk mailing is a very strong medium for digital marketing and we have designed our services to take care of every aspect of mail broadcasting. Our managed email marketing brings your email campaigns to the next level by increasing the relevancy of your communications. We apply email marketing best practices to ensure that messages are delivered to their intended recipients.

Bulk Email Marketing Plans

Choose among our customized Email marketing Plans designed per your business needs. Fully managed plans that help marketers deliver high-quality contents valuable for customers. Start from planning to scheduling, and Emailer designing, sending to measuring, our plans manage it all within minutes. Each plan guarantees higher performance and better ROI.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is an ecosystem that helps marketers to send effective messages suited to the needs of subscribers.Email marketing automation gives marketers robust control over data management, segmentation, deployment, personalization, and customer journey design. It helps marketers send effective messages best suited to subscribers' need.

Data Mining / Email Validation

Our Email Data Mining services help you mine targeted list of potential customers. It allows you have undivided focus on your most targeted buyers. To do so, we take advantage of proven data mining techniques and tools. In addition, Email validation services help you scrub and validate email address list to consolidate real-time genuine and validated data.

Managed Email Marketing Campaigns: Key Features

We are a top bulk mailing services in India that understands your business aspirations better. We handle each campaign with care to ensure maximum delivery and cent percent user response.

List Management

Manage you contact lists with advance segmentation features that enable you to dig through your email lists and help you target your segments efficiently. Do everything in minutes.

Subscription Management

Assuring complete CAN Spam Compliance. A personalized URL for updating users' preferences and an automatic unsubscribe link is attached at the bottom of each mail.

Message Scheduling

Schedule your campaign at a time / date that suits you best. Get delivery reports/notification immediately on your message gets delivery into your subscriber’s inbox.

Campaign Tracking

Avail real-time email tracking & reporting with each bulk email marketing campaign right after sending. See how your campaigns are performing. Get insights into running campaign & recommendations for further improvements.

Open And Click-through Tracking

Detailed and automatically updated response summary when a person clicks on the links or opens your messages. Further information on individual clicks and or total versus sole opens.

Bounce Handling

Deep insight into mail bounces to determine if you permanently need to delete such email ids from your list or should make another attempt to communicate with such recipient.

Email Spam Management

Spam Guard is a powerful and cost-effective filtering tool used during an email marketing campaign. It eliminates over 95% of all spam before they reach your inbox. It is a hybrid multi-level spam filtering system, using an intelligent linguistic probability filtering engine, black-list filtering, attachment filtering, and heuristic words and phrase filtering.

Spam Gaurd is designed to allow the delivery of valid email while rejecting as much spam as possible when it first enters the network before it reaches your server. This design takes the load off your system by rejecting mail that isn’t wanted or can’t be accepted, and significantly reduces the chance that bounce messages will be generated by us or back to innocent third parties.
Features of Email Spam Management

As part of this process, your email is stored for seven days, so spam guard gives you the added security of knowing that in the event that one of your mail servers goes offline for any reason, your email will be backed up from the last seven days. Defining parameters for filters and obtaining reports and graphs on accepted and blocked transactions is easy. Here is how our spam management keeps your email marketing campaigns safe against spamming.

  • E-mail filtering engine to improve detection accuracy as time goes by
  • Fully adjustable for the level of filtering that you desire
  • Improved message decoding, filtering, logging
  • Filter junk e-mail from POP3-accessible web e-mail services
  • An anti-virus filter helps stop virus-infected mail from reaching email boxes


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